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General Questions

Instalment Plan

Is there instalment plan available?


Which courier company do you use ? Is it reliable ?

How long will my package take to deliver?

How do i track my order?

What if i missed my order?

Can i change my shipping address after placing an order?

NEATO | Frequently Asked Questions


How to register warranty?

How long is the period of warranty?

Is there any warranty for brushes/filters?

How to claim warranty?

My robot is out of warranty. How can I have it repaired?

Battery Charging

How long does it take to charge battery?

How to know if the Neato is low in battery?

Do I need to switch off the robot each time?

What if the Neato is not charging?

Where can I get replacement batteries for my robot?

Control of Neato

Can Neato cleans specific areas?

How to block Neato from going to a place? e.g kids's playing area.

One neato app for one user only or for others as well?

Functions & Movement of Neato

Can the Neato climb of stairs?

Can this Neato fall down from upstairs?

Can Neato go underneath of furniture?

Can Neato do mopping job as well?

What does the extra care means?

Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

How to clean my Neato robot?

How often do I need to clean the dustbin?

Will the dust goes inside of the vacuum cleaner's internal parts?

How often should I clean my Neato filter?

How to clean the filter?

Can I wash the filter?

Can I wash the combo/blade/hybrid brush?

The Uses of Filters/Brushes

There is many different type of filters, how do I know which one is compatible to my Neato?

Which filter quality is the best and last longer?

What is the uses of the combo/hybrid/ blade brushes?

Where can I get extra filters/brushes?